Online Courses

Online Courses

The Expanding Catalog of Online Courses

Thanks to current telecommunications technology, online courses are able to provide interactivity that up to a short while ago, brick and mortar classrooms could only provide. Through the use of forums, chat rooms, live video, and recording of lectures, more subjects can be presented online than ever before. In some classes, the professor will give a lecture through a webcam, and students are encouraged to participate with questions and comments. Other courses allow busy professionals access to their university account anytime and from most anywhere to complete assignments and read designated literature.

Logistics of an Online Course

DeVry University, a primarily online-based college, features several different types of courses. Their courses in Technology will many times utilize the above mentioned online lecture, but most other classes can be completed on a student's own time. A unique account will be set up for each student where he or she will be able to access all of the course materials and assignments. Most times, due dates will be chosen for specific assignments and tests, but the bulk of the coursework can be completed at any time. Students will typically turn in assignments through an internet program, and grades will be posted on the student's account. Typically, professors and advisors will keep "office" hours, so that if students need assistance with an assignment or have any questions, they can be reached during those hours. Rarely, students will be required to go to a university site or testing facility to complete tests, but usually students can simply take them online.

The Cost of an Online Course

Universities like Kaplan will normally list their course fees clearly on their web sites. For example, Kaplan charges a flat rate of $336 per Undergraduate credit. They charge anywhere from $350 to $420 for Graduate and Master's units. University of Phoenix requires that a fee of $515 per credit for Undergraduate courses, and $625 per credit for Graduate level work. Other fees are listed on internet-based universities as well, like technology fees, late payments, and even the cost for a diploma. This allows students to determine exactly how much a semester will cost them, and provides them with the opportunity to add or drop courses to better fit their budget.

Transferring Online Courses

If students want to eventually attend a campus-based university, they should contact the prospective university to determine if their credits can be transferred. Each school will vary with what they consider to be comparable to their own courses. It is recommended that students speak to an admissions representative to determine exactly which classes can or cannot be transferred. This will give students an idea of what will be necessary for their future admission to a campus-based university as well.

How to Have a Positive Online Experience

Potential students can best determine which online university fits their needs by following a few simple steps. First, an individual should be sure that the university is accredited. Second, the student should visit sites like to get a better idea of the school's ranking. Next, the student needs to determine which universities offer the appropriate program. And, lastly, prospective students should speak directly to an admissions counselor at the university. This will help students determine if the course style and requirements, as well as the cost, will meet their specific needs. Student loans, federal financial aid, and scholarships are generally offered at all accredited universities, whether campus-based or online.

Choices Of Courses are Endless

Some of the most popular online courses include Web Design, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Restaurant Management, Early Childhood Education Certification, and Criminal Justice. With so many classes offered, it is no wonder that students are pursuing degrees in everything from Landscape Design to Gourmet Cooking & Catering.

Courses in Basic Electronics can give you the introductory skills to do simple repairs on household electronic appliances. Learn about working safely around circuits and how to diagnose short circuits and other problems.

If you have ever wanted to be able to talk with the Spanish-speaking neighbors next door or are planning a trip to South America, a course in Basic Conversational Spanish will open doors to new friendships and adventures. Distance learning is an ideal way to learn a fascinating foreign language.

If you have ever had the desire to learn to play guitar, there are numerous online guitar courses available which can teach you to play the guitar, read music, and compose music.

Put your real estate career into motion by taking an Online Real Estate Appraisers Course and estimate values of properties and land. There is always a demand for the skills and judgment of a formally trained real estate appraiser.

Careers on the Web is another area where online courses can boost your earnings and move you into higher levels of production. An Online Course in Web Content Writing can sharpen your search engine optimization skills, add depth to your reporting and make your content more interesting.

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