FAFSA: The Federal Student Aid Start Place

Federal Student Loans

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, available at fafsa.ed.gov is a good place to start when applying for federal student aid. This application takes your personal and financial information in one place. Then, the application is used to determine how much aid you are able to qualify for based on that information. If you fail to...

Federal Stafford Loan

Federal Student Loans

Federal Stafford loan is one of the federal student loans available to most students attending United States colleges or universities. This loan supplements other tuition including funds received from scholarships, grants and personal investment. Stafford loans may be one of the best choices for your needs. They are one of the most commonly used...

Graduate Plus Loan

Federal Student Loans

Professionals going back to school or students at the graduate level can take advantage of the Federal Graduate Plus Loan or Grad Plus Loan. This loan is one of the most widely used graduate student loans because of its low cost. The low, fixed interest rate is attractive and is set by the federal government. Students may borrow up to the total...

Federal Student Loans: Answers to Your Questions

Selecting the right federal student loans or private student loans can be a challenge for anyone. Both students and parents will find that by taking the time to understand each type of college loans available to them, they can make the best decision for their financial future.

The statistics are clear:

  • About two thirds of students enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate degree graduated with a Bachelor's degree along with debt.
  • In 2020, the average college loans debt for students graduating was $23,186.
  • Parents are not left out. About 13.5 percent of parents will borrow through federal PLUS loans for their child's education and will have an average cumulative debt in PLUS loans of $23,298.

With these figures so high, there is no doubt that both parents and students need to pay close attention to the federal student loans or private student loans they obtain. Here, we help to educate both student and parent to ensure that the college loans they obtain are the best for their future, both financially and educationally. Take the time to browse our pages and learn what type of federal student loans available to you, today.